Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Thief Takers - The Plan


While the artist sketches the author muses. I'm good at musing. Its the stuff that follows that lets me down.

Anyway, I muse on a little too long. The draft is pretty much done, I think to myself. I feel unemployed. I can't draw, I can't even colour something without going over the lines - I'm told it isn't done like that any more. This only proves my point that I shouldn't be anywhere near the arty process of the graphic novel.

My mind needs something to do before it goes blank. I can't abide a blank mind!

What if? I ponder, what if I novelise the plot? We'd have the graphic novel and I could practice my hand at writing the whole thing. Maybe I'd had a drink but next morning I still think its a good idea - despite the headache. It will help iron out any kinks in the script. It will give Chris more background to work with. It will be fun.

Two chapters in and you really begin to realise how 1 page of a script transforms into hundreds of words. Suddenly our world is alive and slowly but surely it is beginning to wake up...

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