Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Blogging Reborn

Its been a while...embarrisingly so...

Honestly it really didn't take me this long to read the six novels I posted about way back when.

Real life occasionally, just occassionally tries to suck the creative energy from you. Holding down a "real" job for the money needed to pretend to write began to cast great thunderous storm clouds over the world of my joint project with good friend (and clever bod who designed my blog), Chris Taylor.

Yet I realised I'd gotten it all wrong. After a hard day of real life issues, what better way is there than to escape into the turbulent and violent times of the Thief Takers?

The wife thinks its strange. Why do I lock myself in a quiet room, in front of the pc for hours each night, (no its not for that! Well mostly not...) cursing every interruption of my bladder, my dinner, my sleep? - maybe she's right to be worried. I mean I'm spending my evenings with a gang of violent cut throats with loose morals. Its a world where every man has a price. A place where you trust no-one and no-one trusts you. But its my world and at the end of the day I think I understand it more than the real one.

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