Sunday, 10 January 2010

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Fanfilm

Found this earlier today and it is brilliant!

I never got to play the full game as I was halfway through it when my last PC died. I've got Windows 7 on my new one and I can't get it to work without crashing on that even with the XP compatibility on.

Anyways I'd always heard the story was a good one and I hoped I could find some detail on it. I never for one minute thought I'd find this beauty!

It is basically a cinematic movie made using the KOTOR graphics and some really clever editing to show different camera angles and isn't just a bloke playing the game.

It is a cracking project and I urge anyone who is unfortunate enough to have stumbled across my blog to check it out here

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Random Quote of the Day

From a conversation between Edward Lindell and Samuel Gideon on the subject of capital punishment...

"Gentlemen," continued Lindell with a slyness in his manner, "we must allow the Chief Justice some respite for we can only imagine that it must be tiring to play God." Lindell looked to the two other men who had so far remained silent in the exchange. Lindell chose not to heed or simply decided to ignore the look of warning from them, "I hear that in his final moments the boy pissed his pants."
"You should not believe everything that you read Edward. I for one expected you to know better than that."
The cold harsh voice had a rasp of gravelly warning and Lindell faced the man opposite and nodded in acknowledgement, "I am surprised you chose not to be there Samuel, I hear that you have announced yourself to be the champion of the people." He grinned with sarcasm, "Oh no that was something else I read, therefore it is also false."
Chief Justice Archibald Rimmer had taken the opportunity to draw on his pipe, the warm tobacco taste giving him some small comfort from the exchange of words. He placed the object to rest and carefully laid his cards before casting Samuel Gideon a questioning gaze, "You do not believe a thief should be punished? A man should obey the law, starving or not."
Samuel Gideon steepled his fingers before speaking, "Would you Chief Justice? Would I? Would any of us?"