Friday, 18 September 2009

A True Story - Part Two

Many months passed and the day began to loom upon which the man would leave his desk to begin his work as a fireman. His co-workers had never really believed it would happen and their reaction was one of total admiration.

"Yes he's leaving to become a fireman."

"Really! Why?"

The first co-worker smiled at the seconds surprise it was the same shock that he himself had felt many months before. "Because its what he wants to do," he said smiling as just for a moment he experienced that minute glimmer of surety within him.

"That must be nice," said the second co-worker, "you know, to do something that you really like. I mean I don't mind this job but you know to do something because you really want to do it."

"Well, what would you like to do?" asked the first co-worker to the second who shook their head unsure of how to answer.

For a moment a silence befell the group until a third person who had been listening to the conversation spoke up, seizing the moment to share their dreams by simply adding, "I'd like to be an author."

The stunned silence was shattered by a snigger and the dream died...

It seems in this cruel world some dreams are more real than others.

So is it a dream? Of course it is.
Is it dead? Of course it isn't.

What did all this mean? I'm not sure I know. I spend 8 hours a day staring at a PC and get paid for it. Do I enjoy it in the best possible sense? No. Yet at home I will choose to do the same and yet this time I am satisfied. I do not plough on through writer's block and research problems, frustrated and annoyed in the vain hope that one day I will finish my story to a fanfare of happiness and satisfaction. If I did I would not wish to write anymore. I enjoy the journey of writing itself and surely it is the enjoyment of this journey rather than the end which should bring me such pleasures. And that is how I know I want to write. And write I shall!

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