Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Communications Disruption Can Mean Only One Thing...

Fortunately in my case, unlike Sio Bibble in the Phantom Menace, it did not mean invasion.

However, it did mean no internet for 3 days which is almost as bad. "Aliens stole my broadband!" screamed the front page of the local rag. I have never needed to look at a google map, buy something online so much in my life than for those 3 days.

I even had the desire to compare car insurance prices just because I knew that I couldn't.

Turns out that Virgin Media had done something their end which had effectively killed a large number of cable modems. Do they know they delayed my research into 17th and 18th Century weapons? Do they care?

Actually looking at my bookmarks in Chrome is kind of scary. There's a few too many weaponry sites along with pages relating to vice, gentleman clubs and Victorian Crime. If the wife sees that lot she'll probably wish it had been porn.

I also applied for a promotion at work and am ecstatic to have been successful. Hopefully this means more money, a cushier role and more time to do the work I love which is pretending to write. Somehow though I doubt it.

Its just another piece of life that threatens to stop the release of our graphic novel. My good mate Chris Taylor who is preparing the artwork for the graphic novel has also just changed jobs so its a busy and successful time for both of us.

So with everything wonderful I will return to the novelisation of our project. It's such a shame that the Thief Taker's London conjours up a desperate vision of crime and corruption, with cobbled streets awash with rivers of blood. I'm in too much of a good mood for that I think a re-write is in order and I shall change the setting to a village fete. Chapter One - The Case of the Missing Marrow. Sounds like a new hit for Sunday evening tv.

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