Sunday, 28 February 2010

Me 1 Life 0

Despite its best efforts, life has failed to stop me doing what I enjoy. First up it through me a couple of nasty jobs which meant working some long hours, caused the cancellation of some well deserved holidays and got me pretty peeved off.

Then, sensing this just wasn't tough enough it decided to throw me a curveball dosed in flu, which knocked me off my feet (but not off of work) for a couple of weeks. My day routinely beginning with me feeling rough in bed, too ill to work and ending at 5pm with me feeling rough in bed, too ill to work. Luckily I had the chance to be ill at home during the weekends, just well enough to drag myself into the office during the weeks between.

Life can be pretty evil at times and yet mercy is only a channel surf away. When I saw some of the pretty horrific events that other people or other nations have had to suffer I couldn't help but feel ever so slightly selfish in taking for granted just what I do have.

A few weeks on, work is still evil but it won't bother me. The flu is abating and I'm drowning in novel notes. Now five chapters in, with another inserted after a re-read I'm uploading the novel to the wiki as I speak! Soon be Easter...

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