Monday, 26 October 2009

Staffs PC Rest in Pieces

My PC gave up the ghost and is no more. Typing, typing and more typing finally killed it.

For a long time games haven't been an option. Think it could have just about run something like Jedi Knight which came out donkeys years ago.

And tho' I mourn my old PC time will pass and as I lay your dusty, crumpled aluminium form out to rest one final time I will shed a little tear, for my memories will flood back of me, you and MS Word. Of all the sites we saw together on the web and do you remember that time we got drunk and sent the wrong emails to the wrong person?

Anyway, rest easy my friend.

Staffs PC is Dead! His new one is born!

Its a cracker. It boots up quick it has Windows 7 it works, its nice it has Word and there are a multitude of new memories to make, new websites to view, new games to play and new novels to write.

Right let me just clear these cobwebs from my blog, I'm gonna write a few lines...

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